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София 1618
бул. Братя Бъкстон 33
вход А, офис 1
+359 (02) 427 33 53
+359 (0) 886 17 33 11
office [at] novonetics-bg.com
Crown Iron Works: oilseed extraction, refining, processing
Europa Crown Ltd. oilseed extraction technology, refining, equipment.
CPM EUROPE: We pelletize a lot of different materials
Molinos Afau |Animal feed plants | Processing fodder and straw | Treatment of Biomass and Compost | recycling | Machinery
 Dutch Dryers BV Thermal drying systems
VYNCKE Clean Energy Technology | Biomass Boilers & Energy Plants
Efficiently energizing the industrial environment with our customized CHP solutions
Aerox | Leading in odour control | Odour control systems